Renowned Dubai IT Enterprise Recruitment 2021 Jan (Online Interview)

Renowned Dubai IT Enterprise Recruitment 2021 Jan (Online Interview)
Position Hiring: Administrative Translation
Job Responsibilities:
1. Supervise and implement the company's rules and regulations.
2. Docking office and dormitory properties.
3. Three shuttle bus dispatch management.
4. Daily maintenance and management of the dormitory.
5. Recruitment and management of drivers and nannies.
6. Responsible for foreign English communication.
7. Purchasing daily necessities.
8. Daily activity organization.
9. Other matters assigned by superiors.
Job requirements:
1. Familiar with computer and office software, familiar with Chinese and English, able to read, write and speak English fluently.
2. Ability to work for a long time, good at communication, patient, good temper, quick and flexible response.
Interview Time: Arranged Separately 
Working Location: Dubai
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