IT Company : Artificial Intelligence — Chief Scientific Officer

Job Responsibilities:
  • Supervise and lead a team of scientists and researchers in researching and developing cutting-edge technologies, as well as new future-proof products aligning with the group strategy and business goals, focusing on Artificial Intelligence related fields
  • Outline the goals for research and development
  • Develop, track, analyze, control and monitor the development of the group technologies and products
  • Provide ideas and insights into industry leading and AI-powered business models and algorithms
  • Communicate and collaborate with external research partners and/or committee in following co-developed technologies and projects
  • Play a vital role in designing, choosing, implementing, combining and developing the industrial leading technologies for AI/Machine learning models
  • Prepare the plan and oversee the implementation of AI infrastructure to be used for model training/retraining and model deployment in production
  • Work closely with the group Product and Marketing, Business Development, Professional Services and Software Development Department to define the group business requirement and transform into technical specifications with the aim of delivering customer-focused products
  • Collect and process feedbacks to make necessary improvements and adjustments to the group products and technologies
  • Drive academic outreach to keep abreast of industrial leading technologies and to leverage latest AI/ML technologies in helping the group product development
  • Ensuring company technologies and products adhere to the group local regulatory requirements
  • Communicate with the group senior management to facilitate decision making
  • Extensive industry knowledge with an insight towards the future
  • Take the initiative in leadership, innovation and creativity
  • PhD degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics or related fields
  • Proven experience as a Chief Scientific Officer or similar leadership role
  • Proven experience in AI/ML area
  • Experience with various AI/ML frameworks and intimate familiarity with AI/ML workloads
  • Experience in collaborating with Academia
  • Experience in participating and leading technical panel discussion and presenting at technical conferences
  • Ability to conduct technological analyses and research
  • Familiar with building machine learning models including data preparation and feature engineering techniques, as well as building Machine Learning (ML) models and related algorithms
  • Be able to understand company and customer business nature and workflow, collect, clean up and parsing data in order to transform to technical requirements
  • Stay up-to-date with the trend of AI
  • Knowledge of and experience with Big Data Technologies
  • Excellent Organizational, Time-Management & Decision-Making skills
  • Excellent communication, coordination, documentation and reporting skills
Work Location : Macau
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