Renowned Dubai Investment Enterprise: Senior Assistant/Public Relations Assistant/Business Specialist/Business Reception/Advanced business/Audit Specialist/Recruitment Specialist/Data Analysis Expert/Data Analysis-SQL/Funding Security Expert/Funding Security Specialist/Network Operation and Maintenance-IT Specialist/Background Engineer/Intermediate or advanced level Golang Programming

 Renowned Dubai Investment Enterprise:
1.Senior Assistant
Education: Bachelor degree and above
Job requirements: Familiar with office software, proficient in document writing and spoken English.
2.Public Relations Assistant
Education: Bachelor degree or above, major in business, public relations, journalism, communication, marketing, etc.
Job requirements: more than 2 years of business, public relations or marketing communication experience, solid writing skills, and familiarity with the cooperation model of various government commercial organizations.
3.Business Specialist
Education: College degree or above
Job requirements: living in Dubai for more than 5 years, and those who has experience in VIP reception is preferred.
4.Business Reception
Job requirements:Experience in VIP reception is preferred.
5.Advanced business
Education:Bachelor degree or above
Job requirements: 3-5 years of working/life experience in Dubai, fluent in English.
6.Audit Specialist
Education: College degree or above
Job requirements: financial related majors, good oral and reading skills in English, familiar with the audit process, and more than 2 years of financial audit work experience in a large group company.
7.Recruitment Specialist
Education: College degree and above
Job requirements: Recruitment experience, familiar with the recruitment process, have talents/pipes and other resources.
8.Data Analysis Expert
Job requirements: Bachelor degree or above in statistics, mathematics, computer and other related majors, more than three years of data analysis or data mining related work experience, Internet big data work experience, access to SQL, data cleaning python, data visualization Tableau, statistical analysis , Data direction construction and planning, data report.
9.Data Analysis-SQL
Job requirements:Relevant data analysis experience, proficient use of statistical analysis software (SQL.excel. etc.), SQL statements.
10.Funding Security Expert
Job requirements: a graduate degree or above in finance/investment/law/finance related majors or a full-time bachelor degree with more than 4 years of relevant work experience, more than 4 years of financial industry/accounting firm audit work or payment company experience.
11.Funding Security Specialist
Job requirements: sensitive to numbers, proficient in using office software.
12.Network Operation and Maintenance/ IT Specialist
Education: College degree or above, major in computer science
Job requirements: Familiar with TCP/IP protocol, switch, routing, security and other technical principles, familiar with the configuration of ACL, VLAN, PBR, RIP, OSPF, MPLS and other network communication protocols, and have more than 1 to 2 years of network management and implementation experience.
13.Background Engineer
Job requirements: A solid foundation in JAVA, a clear understanding of Restful API declaration methods, HTTP request methods, path rules, version control, familiarity with frameworks (Spring/SpringBoot, SpringMVC, mybatis), familiarity with front-end frameworks Vue and Vue, MySql, SQL writing ability.
14.Intermediate or advanced level Golang Programming  
Job requirements: Deep understanding of network communication protocols such as HTTP, TCP/IP,  experience in MySQL or Redis, java or nodejs, Linux, familiar with docker, k8s experience is preferred.
Working Location: Dubai
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