Renowned Philippines Group: Financial Director / Finance Manager / Finance Supervisor / Finance Specialist

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Financial Director  ($7,000-$10,000 a month)
Job Responsibilities:
1.Establish and improve the financial management system, and exercise overall control over the daily management, fund budget, and fund operation of the financial department
2.Establish budget planning, effectiveness tracking and cost analysis systems for various departments
3.Provide various financial related analysis and statements of the company, and analyze and deal with abnormal subjects
4.Review the financial statements and review the company's operations and budget execution status
5.Formulate the company's financial investment plan to avoid investment risks
6.Overall planning and management of corporate taxation, completing tax declarations and annual audits on time
7.Responsible for the review and supervision of revenue, costs and expenses, and timely check the corresponding accounts payable and current accounts
8.Collect external financial information and industry status of the company, analyze the market and give advice to the company or customer
9.Analyze the value of the company and estimate the future profit (by reading the company's financial statements and analyzing the raw material prices, sales, costs, expenses, tax rates, etc.) and invoicing operations
10.Domestic and transnational tax consulting and planning, global transfer pricing related consulting and planning, overseas company and mainland tax planning and implementation
Finance Manager:  ($4,000-$7,000 a month)
Job Responsibilities:
1.Accounting and storage of company book records and vouchers.
2.Collection of information, preparation of the company's internal and external financial reports
3.Follow the laws and regulations to handle the company's tax work
4.Review the data calculated by the accounting assistant
5.Corporate tax planning, such as the assessment of tax reduction plans
6.Collect external industry data and analyze the economic status of the industry
7.Read the company's financial statements to analyze the value of the company
8.Analyze the relationship between the commodity price, sales, cost, expenditure and tax rate of an enterprise and the profitability of    the enterprise
9.Analyze the management ability of theoperator, responsible for budget compilation review and control, and provide advice and analysis on various financial strategies such as financing, investment, mergers and acquisitions
10.Promote and implement various projects, and supervise the progress of the project implemented by the different departments.
Finance Supervisor  ($2,000-$3,000 a month)
Job Responsibilities:
1.Responsible for communicating business related companies.
2.Responsible for daily accounting and financial work, including checking of various data and    preparing statements.
3.Responsible for guest code commission.
4.Arrangement and verification of cash and cheque deposited in bank accounts.
5.Organize and check documents for annual tax return.
6.Assist guests to consult accounting issues
Job Requirements:
1.Graduate at any University Degree or above, major in Accounting or Finance.
2.Must have 4 years or above experience in accounting.
3.Familiar with Microsoft Office software operation.
4.Hold any one of ACCA, CPA, LCC intermediate or above
5.And other professionally recognized qualifications.
Finance Specialist  ($1,900 a month)
Job Responsibilities:
1.Responsible for daily accounting and financial work, including checking of various data.
2.Responsible for the grain counting, interest counting and authorization of the VIP room of the group.
3.Prepare the daily and monthly report for profit and loss statements.
4.Arrange and verify the cash and checks deposited in the bank account.
5.Assist the accounting guests to consult questions and things.
 Job Requirements:
1.University degree or above, majoring in accounting or finance.
2.Have 2 years or more experience in accounting.
3.Hold ACCA, CPA, LCC intermediate or above equivalent
4.Professionally recognized qualification certificate.
5.Familiar with Microsoft office software operation. Familiar with Excel and other office software, 19-28 years old, college degree or above, 2 years of hotel finance experience
6.Priority of women applicant, standard Mandarin
• Note: Remote operation is acceptable during the epidemic period, and you need to go to work immediately after the entry.
• Location: Manila, Philippines
• Salary: Negotiable
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