Renowned Taiwan Company: Human Resources Specialist

Renowned Taiwan Company: Human Resources Specialist
Job Responsibilities:
(1) Establish a process for applying for talents in various departments;
(2) Develop interview procedures for personnel in various departments (initial interview, re-interview, written examination, interviewees, etc.;
(3) After the interview is passed, the registration process for applicants and the training arrangements for new recruits;
(4) According to department needs and budget, find suitable recruitment channels for different levels;
(5) Collect resumes, review resumes, and interview talents.
(1)  The salary of experienced persons starts from 42,000 NTD
(2)  The salary for the inexperienced persons starts from 35000 NTD, with performance bonus 
(3) Working hours: AM9:00-PM6:00 or PM1:00-PM10:00
(4) Two days off every week / other holidays are in accordance with Taiwan law
(5) Working location: Xinyi District, Taipei City
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