Manila Entertainment Group : Accountant / Finance Supervisor / Internal Audit Commissioner / Internal Audit Supervisor / Assistant Internal Audit Manager / Treasury Supervisor / Treasury Team Leader / Human Resources Manager / Senior Human Resources Assistant / Human Resources Assistant / Secretary

1. Accountant 
2. Finance Supervisor
3. Internal Audit Commissioner
4. Internal Audit Supervisor
5. Assistant Internal Audit Manager
6. Treasury Supervisor
7. Treasury Team Leader
8. Human Resources Manager
9. Senior Human Resources Assistant
10. Human Resources Assistant
11. Secretary
* Payment on the 5th of each month (PHP);
* Provide meal supplements or 24-hour cafeteria;
* Provide dormitory (single / double room) or out-stay subsidies;
* Afternoon tea once a week;
* Group building once a month;
* Medical expenses reimbursement;
* Annual leave: twice a year, 10 days for half a year, and reimbursement of RMB 3000 once;
* Birthday gift, festival gift;
* 13 salary at the end of the year, year-end dividends.
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