Renowned Manila Group : Internal Audit Director / Consultant Engineer / Surveillance Director / Vice President Branding

Internal Audit Director
Job Requirements:
1. Majors in construction engineering, engineering auditing, cost and budget;
2. More than 10 years working experience in project cost and bidding management, proficient in project cost management and cost control processes in related fields, understand relevant regulations and policies; familiar with cost and bidding management requirements;
3. Work experience of engineering supervision company, large real estate company and construction related companies, with engineering audit related background, overseas work experience is preferred;
4. Ability to independently undertake project supervision companies;
5. Familiar with purchasing management, contract management process and related knowledge, familiar with market conditions.
Consultant Engineer
Job Descriptions:
1. Detailed rules for examination and approval supervision;
2. Review the qualifications of subcontracting units;
3. Review construction organization design, construction plan, and emergency rescue plan;
4. Project cost management, review cost control process;
5. Review the establishment and operation of the construction unit's site quality and safety production management system.
Surveillance Director
Job Descriptions:
1. Guidance and assignment of surveillance operators' duties as required, training all surveillance operators;
2. Responsible for structuring all surveillance policies, standards, internal controls, procedures and guidelines;
3. Ensure that all routine equipment maintenance is scheduled and performed as planned;
4. Protects the assets of the company by observing through closed circuit television all areas of the casino covered by such equipment;
5. Record observations of cheating, dishonesty or improper activity by customers or employees as well as any violation of rules and regulations of the governmental agencies;
6. Presents evaluations of any observed illegal activity to the proper departments and makes necessary recommendations.
Vice President Branding
Job Descriptions:
1. Drive Brand Strategy 
2. Drive Overall brand awareness
3. Oversee and work with relevant teams across the organization to drive engagement and usage in the new consumer experience
4. Track, analyze and report ROI results from all marketing promotions and initiatives
1. Work 9 hours per day and 2 days off per week;
2. Accommodation allowance;
3. Enjoy two sets of round-trip tickets each year;
4. 15 days of annual leave, 10 days of sick leave, and Philippine holidays;
5. Medical and life insurance;
6. The company applies for a work visa.
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