Chinese Financial Company : Database Administrator / Operation and Maintenance Engineer / Risk Management Department Head

Database administrator
  • Install and configure database, back up the database, monitor and optimize database performance;
  • Recovery from failures, hardware capacity planning;
  • Network planning, database availability and scalability management;
  • System scheduling, data security management;
  • Communicate with program developers to provide appropriate assistance and develop reports;
  • Implement database design, heterogeneous data integration, database development, and data lifecycle planning.
Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor or above, the Oracle OCP / SQL Server MCSE certificate holder is prefered.
  • More than 5 years of database maintenance and management experience, familiar with common database (Oracle & SQL Server & Mysql), database operation and maintenance skills, database performance tuning skills.
  • Basic theoretical knowledge, including hardware, operating system, network, storage, etc.; database basics, including interactive languages ​​(such as SQL), patterns, paradigms, transactions, locks, etc.
Work location: Zhuhai
2. Operation and Maintenance Engineer - IT Department
  • Application system deployment, operation and maintenance;
  • Planning and deployment of portals and various business platforms;
  • Rapid deployment, debugging, migration, maintenance, and monitoring of servers and application environments;
  • Responsible for middleware installation and deployment, parameter tuning, version deployment, and troubleshooting of Nginx/Tomcat/Apache;
  • Demand processing for daily online projects;
  • Work related to the docking of new projects;
  • Development, maintenance and optimization of daily operation and maintenance tools;
  • Restore services as quickly as possible from abnormality to ensure system availability;
  • Quickly/automatically decide and trigger related stop loss plans when the system is abnormal, and quickly restore the service;
  • Assist in cluster and server maintenance;
  • Manage information security of servers and application systems, and implement system monitoring;
  • Management of daily tasks on virtualized clusters, Linux servers, and Windows servers and other applications;
  • Back up each business system to optimize system performance.
Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor in computer, software engineering and other related majors;
  • More than 2 years of experience in system operation and maintenance of the financial industry;
  • Familiar with Apache, Tomcat, Nginx and other application configuration, common problem handling methods; proficient in Linux system and vmware basic operations and configuration;
  • Familiar with technologies such as clustering technology, reverse proxy, and load balancing (nginx);
  • Have hard work and team spirit.
Work location: Zhuhai
3. Risk Management Department Head
  • In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, regulatory policies, and the actual situation of the company, formulate transaction risk management policies and anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing regulations.
  • Effectively manage trading risk indicators, promote business development under the premise of reasonable risk control; participate in company business, product innovation and risk assessment, propose risk prevention measures and track implementation;
  • Review the company and business related legal documents, contact the perennial legal counsel, discuss the transaction model, and revise the contract text;
  • Implement internal risk management of the company, standardize the company's post risk prevention mechanism, and strengthen employee risk prevention awareness;
  • Implementing assessment of the company's major risks and formulate major risk response strategies, predict and resolve the risks under authorization;
  • Complete other tasks assigned by the superior.
Job Requirements:
  • Master Degree or above, major in finance, law, auditing, etc.
  • More than 5 years of financial institution management experience in financial institutions, familiar with financial industry risk management responsibilities, systems, processes;
  • Familiar with financial regulatory policy requirements, domestic and foreign financial laws and regulations, and relevant fields of the financial industry, have a comprehensive grasp and understanding of macro finance and economic situation;
  • Has strong problems detection and analysis, supervision and control ability, strong teamwork spirit and communication skills; high sense of responsibility, self-discipline and professional ethics, and has a good track record;
  • Have experience in working in financial institutions, investment banks and other risk control departments or have CFA, FRM qualifications are preferred;
  • Good command of listening, speaking, reading and writing in English and Mandarin.
Working location: Macau
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