Renowned International Entertainment Group : Membership Supervisor / Assistant Manager

Membership Supervisor / Assistant Manager
  • Hosting department meetings, discuss and making decision on all business related issues, and report to the superior;
  • Develop local consumer networks and enhance the competitiveness of the local market;
  • Regularly hold meetings with partner companies, negotiate cooperation, and plan new directions for the department;
  • Participate in relevant cooperation department meetings and coordinate daily operations
Job Requirements:
  • 5 years or above experience in hotel or entertainment business management , 3 years of supervision experience and membership services are preferred;
  • Familiar with membership service, service operation process, member recruitment, events and back-office operations, can actively seek and provide solutions that can flexibly solve business or membership issues;
  • Experience in dealing with the department's financial budget;
  • Experience in the operation of the member database system, skilled in the preparation of Excel spreadsheet;
  • Professional language and written communication, proficient in English, Cantonese and Mandarin;
  • Excellent customer service skills, organizational skills and communication skills;
  • Shift work is required, overtime work and reporting duties during additional non-normal working hours.
Work Location : Cambodia (Phnom Penh / Sihanoukville)
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