Renowned Entertainment Hotel : Events & Advertising Manager / Events & Advertising Assistant / Customer Service Manager / Customer Service Shift Manager / Customer Service Assistant / Host / Relationship & Service Manager / Customer Service Supervisor / Customer Service Specialist

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Renowned entertainment hotel in Cambodia, recruiting following positions:
  1. Events & Advertising Manager
  2. Events & Advertising Assistant
  3. Customer Service Manager
  4. Customer Service Shift Manager 
  5. Customer Service Senior Assistant / Assistant
  6. Host
  7. Relationship & Service Manager
  8. Customer Service Supervisor
  9. Customer Service Specialist
* Shift work is required for the above positions
Work Location: Sihanoukville, Cambodia
Benefits: Company offers flight ticket reimbursement, accommodation & meals, 8 hours/day working, 1 day off weeky, and local medical reimbursement.
If you're interested in this job, you are welcome to fill out the following job application form and send it to,We will contact you as soon as possible and provide you with suitable job opportunities