Renowned International Entertainment Group : Host / Cage Cashier / Guest Services / VIP Executive Assistant / Market Development Supervisor / Membership Operation Manager/Specialist / IT Technician / Translator / Interpreter / Tea Artist

1. Host
  • Provding guest services;
  • Assist customers to buy chips and exchange cash;
  • When the guest need food, assist them or notify the F&B attendant;
  • Assist the guest to do room renting and car arrangement, and report to the operation manager/director promptly.
Job Requirements:
  • Has a neat and positive appearance, proactive and be radiant with smiles;
  • Candidates with experience in casino are preferred
  • Excellent communication ability;
  • Fluent in speaking of Cantonese and Mandarin, and general in English.
  • Shift work is required;
2. Cage Cashier
  • Exchanging chips, understanding chips from different company, and to idenity it's authenticity;
  • Counting money, to identify the authenticity of coins.
  • Manage guest accounts: Assist clients with enquiries, operations and billing;
  • Daily work Handover with colleague: including settlement of chips, cash and follow-up other works;
  • Assist the Supervisor in other task.
Job Requirements:
  • Have positive image, proactive and be radiant with smiles;
  • Excellent communication ability;
  • Candidates with relevant experience are preferred
3. Guest Services
  • Assist guests in room reservation, vehicle, flights and ship booking;
  • Assist guests in ordering various types of tickets (e.g. concert tickets);
  • Provide timely and professional services to our guests;
  • Assist in the processing of the work arranged by the superior.

Job Requirements:
  • Fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin;
  • Familiar with computer operations and clerical work;
  • Relevant work experience is preferred;
  • Shifts work is required.
4. VIP Executive Assistant
  • Handle guest and agents inquiries;
  • Maintain long-term relationships with guests;
  • Coordinate events organized / sponsored by company and invite guest and agents to attend;
  • Ensure department system is updated accurately;
  • Timely feedback to the supervisor to make improvements;
  • Participate in every regular meeting and report complaints from all guests and agents to make recommendations to improve service quality;
  • Process task assigned by the supervisor.
Job Requirements:
  • Demonstrated abilities in building strong professional relationships and establishing suitable supporting networks;
  • Confident, independent and self-motivated;
  • Excellent and professional verbal and written communications in English, Cantonese and Mandarin;
  • Computer proficiency in Microsoft Office applications;
  • Keep the company's information confidential;
  • Possess excellent organizational skills to manage several tasks at once, meticulous in details;
  • Shift work is required.
5. Market Development Supervisor
  • Handle customers and agents’ inquiries
  • Keep in touch with customers and agents, maintain good cooperation relationship.
  • Maintain long-term relationship with customers and agents.
  • Assist and handle customers and agents' order requirements
  • Deal with various needs of customers and agents, so they can feel at ease.
  • Planning and purchase birthday gifts for guests and agents.
  • Assist in sponsoring or organizing events, responsible for notifying and inviting guests and representatives to attend.
  • Handling complaints until customers and agents are satisfied.
  • Ensure the departmental systems and reports to be accurate and updated.
  • Assign and supervise tasks or work designated to employees.
  • Assist and share the manager’s strategic planning, monitoring, execution, and management.
  • Monitor, manage and operate the daily work status of staffs, and regularly reflect opinions to the manager to make improvements.
  • Participate in every regular meeting and report complaints from all customers and agents to make recommendations to improve service quality.
  • Handling tasks assigned by the supervisor.
Job Requirements:
  • Maintain good relationship with all departments and cooperation partners
  • Excellent professional language and writing skills, proficient in Chinese, Korean and English;
  • Shift work is required
6. Membership Operation Manager/Specialist
  • Professionally and efficiently handle guest inquiries, understand customer needs and provide clear and accurate information;
  • Establish and maintain good relationship with the guests;
  • Data input to ensure departmental system databases and reports are accurate;
  • Promote membership, introduce and explain the benefits, and features of the membership to potential guests;
  • Arrange booking and inquiries according to the department's service standards to meet the needs of the guests.

Job Requirements:
  • Excellent customer service skills, organizational skills and communication skills;
  • Relevant work experience with Membership / Customer Service is preferred;
  • Proficient in Cantonese and Mandarin, and general in English;
  • Familiar with computer processing;
  • Shift Work is required.
7. IT Technician
  • Install and perform minor repairs to hardware, software, and peripheral equipments;
  • Oversee the daily performance of computer systems;
  • Ensure all equipments performing properly;
  • Maintain record of daily data;
  • Provide technical assistance and support to users,  diagnosis and resolve problems;
  • Confer with staff, users, and management to establish requirements for new systems or modifications.
Job Requirements:
  • High school graduate or above;
  • Relevant qualifications in Information Technology related field;
  • A year experience in the Information Technology industry;
  • Basic network, server and PC skills;
  • Good command of English and Chinese;
  • Willing to work in 
8. Interpreter
  • Responsible fo the company' s translation arrangement, and ensure it meets the relevant quality standards.
Job Requirements:
  • Relevant work experience in translation, able to provide Cambodian-Chinese interpretation and translation, able to provide English interpretation;
  • Passion in translation work, familiar with all kinds of translation software;
  • Dedicated to accomplishing work objectives, proposals and tasks;
  • Careful and patient, in possession of good image, strong sense of responsibility, good communication skill, and excellent professional quality.
9. Tea Artist
  • Introduce tea knowledge to customers and provide tea service;
  • Assist in providing specific tea to customers;
  • Familiar with tea varieties and brewing methods.
Job Requirements:
  • Dignified, courteous and be proactive;
  • Relevant experience in tea artist work;
  • Holder of tea art related license;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Shift work is required.
Work Location: Vietnam, Cambodia & Philippines.
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