Fashion Group : Brand Planning Manager

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  • According to the company's brand positioning and planning, formulate strategies and plans in line with fashion brand PR communication;
  • Responsible for reputation implantation, PR (media, industry, fashion community) activities planning and implementation, and guide the media to positively report on company and products;
  • Responsible for writing press releases, coordinating press conferences, etc.;
  • According to the requirements of brand planning, conduct internal news organization, write media manuscripts, establish and maintain the release of daily news articles and monitor the effectiveness of publicity;
  • Responsible for the formulation of the annual, monthly PR work plan, the establishment of the company's PR structure and expenditure budget;
  • The organization responsible for major activities within the company, preparation, coordination and reception of conference. Monitor PR grievances, crisis warnings, appropriate and thoughtful crisis management;
  • Responsible for the expansion of media resources, online promotion of business cooperation planning, and promote deep cooperation with brand traffic;
  • Responsible for PR crisis, PR media resources, etc., analyze the promotion data, adjust PR strategy on purpose, optimize the quality and increase the number and activity of fans.
Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor degree or above, major in media, advertising or marketing;
  • Successful cases of peer-to-peer and cross-industry cooperation, and experience in fashion industry or cross-border brand PR cooperation is preferred;
  • Strong market insight and market analysis capabilities, strong business negotiation and independent market development capabilities, participation in the development of channel strategies and expansion of target plans, channel development management experience is preferred;
  • Good at maintaining good relationships with partners;
  • Have deep understanding and practical experience in integrated communication, news communication, activities and event management;
  • Excellent writing and English communication skills;
  • 3 years of experience in brand public relations work.
Work location: Zhuhai, China
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