Cambodian Renowned Entertainment Group : CEO / Financial Director / Administration Manager (Director) / Legal Department / Cage Manager / Dorm Manager / Hotel Manager / Tax Department

1. CEO
  • In charge of the daily operation of the company, fully responsible for the company's various businesses; formulate annual work plan and arrangement according to the company's strategic goals, and promote the realization of the company's strategic business objectives;
  • Have a deeper understanding of relevant industries, need to grasp the relevant industry trends, participate in the formulation of corporate development plans; complete the company's annual business plan;
  • Lead the team to open up markets and establish a smooth communication channel between the company and its customers, partners, authorities, government agencies, financial institutions and other departments;
  • Establish a good communication channel within the company and coordinate the relationship between various departments;
  • Responsible for team building, market development, product development, and performance.
Job Requirements:
  • Have relevant industry experience and have certain industry resources; candidates with business management experience are preferred;
  • More than 10 years of management experience, experience in large-scale company operations management, be able to lead the entrepreneurial team to success;
  • Has a wealth of large customer sales experience, excellent market development, project coordination, customer communication and business negotiation capabilities;
  • Fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin is a must.
2. Financial Director
  • Organize and manage the hotel's finance status, accounting checking and supervision, budget management, audit, procurement management, etc., organize and implement any approved planning;
  • Organize and implementation of relevant financial laws, regulations, guidelines, policies and systems to ensure the legitimate operation of hotels and hotel rights;
  • Responsible for the evaluation and review of important hotel financing projects, reviewing the major capital flow of the hotel;
  • Responsible for hotel budget and final account and plan management, review major revenue and expenditure projects and sign and approve important funds from various departments;
  • Conduct periodic financial analysis and forecasting of hotel operation status, report important accounting statements and financial analysis reports;
  • Supervise and check the timeliness and correctness of various financial reports;
  • According to the relevant regulations of the hotel, organize the implementation of annual financial revenue and expenditure audit, business results audit and other work;
  • Review hotel material procurement plans while strictly controlling costs.
Job Requirements:
  • Have deep financial knowledge and understand various economic and financial related regulations;
  • At least five years of working experience in the financial position of the hotel industry;
  • Good communication, coordination skills and financial management practices;
  • Familiar with the operation and management of all departments of the hotel, assisting all departments of the hotel to do business management work;
  • Proficient in the financial operation of the hotel, comprehensively guide the work of the subordinates at all levels;
  • Skilled in using financial and office software;
  • Have certain external relationship coordination and overall management capabilities;
  • Good team leadership, collaboration and analytical skills are highly loyal to the company.
3. Administration Manager (Director)
  • Formulate the annual work plan of the Ministry of General Affairs, organize implementation and do a good job summary.
  • Organize the company's internal rules and regulations, management standards and supervision and inspection.
  • Responsible for the company's external publicity work, establish a good image of the company.
  • Coordinate the relationship between the relevant departments of the company, strengthen departmental coordination, and coordinate departmental conflicts.
  • Responsible for the company's conference work and reception work.
  • Handling the company's logistics, security and various services to ensure that the company's various business work in a timely and successful completion.
  • Investigate the dynamic trend of relevant industries, analyze and solve problems and continuously propose ways to facilitate the development of the company, so that the company's management work will gradually reach reasonable, legal and standardized.
  • Responsible for the implementation of the company's service standardization work, and continuously improve the company's overall performance.
Job Requirements:
  • Strong market observation and judgment ability, with certain communication and coordination organization, analytical ability and good sense of teamwork and responsibility;
  • Familiar with market planning, organization, implementation, brand promotion and other professional knowledge; market expansion, sales capabilities;
  • Have good observation ability, analytical ability, communication and coordination ability, and language expression ability;
  • Bachelor degree or above;
  • Fluent Cantonese or Mandarin and English communication.
4. Legal Department
  • Participate in the company's business decision-making, conduct legal research and legal review for the company's business decision-making intentions, provide options and corresponding legal basis to ensure the safety and legality of the company's business decision-making;
  • Establish a company contract management system to standardize the signing, review, management and performance of contracts. Develop a standard contract text for the company for different categories of customers;
  • Improve the company's various management systems, and maximize the company's rights under the premise of legality. Take measures to circumvent appropriate legal circumvention if necessary;
  • Establish a customer credit rating system, conduct customer research and credit evaluation, implement grade classification, establish customer management files, and ensure transaction security;
  • Establish and improve the company's intellectual property rights and trade secret protection system. Standardized protection from the company's research and development, sales, customer service, dealers, including customers;
  • Carry out legal training and conduct corresponding modular legal training for different groups of management, research and development, sales, etc., enhance everyone's legal awareness, and enrich relevant legal knowledge and practical skills;
  • Responsible for the company's response and litigation matters;
  • Assist the Human Resources Department in handling labor disputes within the company.
Job Requirements:
  • Basic knowledge: company law, civil law, contract law, tax law, questions and cases, etc.
  • Full-time law or related professional diploma.
  • Understand the business scope and situation of the service object
  • Need to have a professional qualification certificate
  • Good at communication and communication; earnestly study relevant local laws in Cambodia.
5. Cage Manager
  • Supervise and manage the daily operations of designated areas of the account
  • Work closely with other departments to ensure that all guest credit card and cash requirements are processed efficiently and accurately
  • Prepare a duty schedule based on manpower requirements and ensure that work is effectively assigned to employees
  • Assess team members and provide guidance to maintain and strengthen the operations of the account department
Job Requirements:
  • High school graduation or equivalent
  • 5 years or more in the accounting experience of a renowned / five-star hotel or VIP room, with accounting, banking background priority
  • At least 3 years experience as accountant
  • Fluent Cantonese or Mandarin and general English communication
6. Dorm Manager
  • Formulate and report the distribution plan for staff and dormitories, and establish and improve the employee registration system and related dormitory management system;
  • Inspect the dormitory and water, electricity, network and other infrastructure on each floor, formulate and report the maintenance and repair plan and organize implementation;
  • Manage and supervise the daily work of departmental employees;
  • Improve the management of the dormitory according to the requirements of the company;
  • Conduct a comprehensive inspection of the apartment before and after the handover, and find problems in a timely manner;
  • Arrange department staff work schedule and vacation.
Job Requirements:
  • Have a certain knowledge of dormitory management and administrative management;
  • Strong communication and coordination and language skills;
  • Work conscientiously, meticulously and with responsibility;
  • Have a good sense of service.
7. Hotel Manager
  • Formulate and implement hotel business planning and business policies;
  • Formulate and organize the implementation of market development plans, regularly analyze the status of business management and market development, and thoroughly study the competitors to constantly change the competition strategy and accurately grasp the market dynamics;
  • Regularly analyze financial status and control various cost indicators and production service costs;
  • Review and issue documents issued in the name of the hotel;
  • Handling major hotel emergencies;
  • Preside over the basic team building of the hotel, standardize internal management, and formulate the hotel's internal management organization setting plan and basic management system;
  • Decide on the personnel transfer of middle and senior management positions, and supervise, guide, reward and punishment the work of middle and senior management positions.
Job Requirements:
  • Relevant professional qualifications in hotel management, tourism and marketing;
  • At least three years of senior management experience in the hotel;
  • Good communication skills in Chinese and English;
  • Familiar with the hotel management workflow and management practices;
  • Strong organizational, management and coordination skills;
  • Strong sense of responsibility and service awareness;
  • Highly loyal to the company.
8. Tax Department
  • Prepare and review hotel financial statements;
  • Understand local hotels and other tax related laws and regulations to ensure that the company's operations comply with regulatory requirements;
  • Perform tax calculations and declarations;
  • Conduct tax planning and analysis.
Job Jequirements:
  • More than three years of relevant experience in tax work;
  • Have relevant professional qualifications for tax personnel;
  • Understand the operation of the electronic spreadsheet software;
  • Familiar with operating accounting related operating systems;
  • Have accounting or auditing expertise.
Work Location: Sihanoukville, Cambodia
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