Fashion Group : Operations Director

  • According to the group's strategic requirements, formulate annual marketing objectives and strategies, and overall deploy and supervise the specific implementation of marketing plans;
  • In-depth understanding and control of customer needs, continuous innovation, to provide customers with a full range of marketing services and value-added services to meet customer needs;
  • Cooperate with the group to create and discover opportunities for further cooperation;
  • Discover the advantages of each group's media, continuously explore new media marketing market, and complete sales targets;
  • Develop departmental budgets based on marketing business plans, monitor and control budget execution and cost usage to control marketing cost;
  • Keep abreast of industry information and competitor sales status, research and develop strategies.
Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor degree or above, major in advertising, media, marketing, or management;
  • At least 8 years of sales experience in media and Internet industry, more than 5 years of management experience;
  • Excellent English, strong communication skills in both Chinese and English, flexible in mind, good at business negotiation;
  • Meticulous logic thinking ability, can accurately determine customer needs, tailoring the marketing plan and win the trust of them;
  • Has a strong ability to deal with unexpected affairs, strong sense of work and innovation.
Work location: Zhuhai, China
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