Macau 4 Star Hotel : Executive Secretary / Office Clerk

1. Executive Secretary
  • Planning daily schedule of the senior executives;
  • Responsible for business projects, tracking the status, and control the progress at any time;
  • Arrange meeting and notifications, record meeting and resolutions tracking;
  • Assist in handling the internal sales business related administrative operations of the company;
  • Regularly carry out performance review with the supervisor and report the progress;
  • Regularly provide sales reports for business personnel or department heads;
  • Maintain communication with all departments of the hotel;
  • Assist senior executives in other assignments.
Job Requirements:
  • Familiar with operation of all kinds of office software;
  • Be attentive, have excellent communication skills and problem solving ability;
  • Ability to communicate Chinese and English;
  • Experience of secretary in hotel or sales industry is preferred.
2. Office Clerk
  • Daily guest receiving in office, including: phone calls, visitors, receiving letters;
  • Handling phone calls, mails, documents, etc.;
  • Arrange meetings and contacts;
  • Record meetings , documents drafting and work report.
  • Arrangement and liaison work for internal and external affairs of the company.
  • Collection, collation, filing and management of document files.
Job Requirements:
  • Familiar with operation of all kinds of office software;
  • Excellent communication and coordination skills;
  • Ability to communicate Chinese and English;
  • Experience of clerk in hotel or sales industry is preferred.
Salary & Benefits:
  • Company provides accommodation and meals. The salary is negotiable.
  • Working hours: 9 hours / day (including dining time), 1.5 days off / week, and 6 days leaves / year. Others are in accordance with Macao labor laws.
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