British Enterprise : Head of Payment – South East Asia

  • Take the lead role in identifying and developing trusted partnerships offering secured localized solutions within the environment geared towards client base in SEA;
  • Generate leads of trusted partners for new business development and facilitate communication with other business units by serving as primary local contact for SEA markets;
  • Establish redundancy and competitive offering across all B2C solutions offered to customers for sustained business growth;
  • Provide support for nontraditional Ecommerce solution in parallel to new business opportunities when and if necessary to generate new revenue;
  • Drive the strategy, planning, research and relationship building for our business development programs targeting the digital online B2C environment in South East Asian markets;
  • Acquire necessary resources to support the infrastructure needed for operation with scalability for future growth;
  • Spearhead the identification and development of B2B relationships, including but not limited to, Data Technology Companies, Business solution Vendors, Communication platforms and forums;
  • Work closely and cooperatively with internal digital online marketing teams to achieve significant and sustained success against a market scenario with multiple and complex challenges;
  • Effectively communicate changes related to new products and offering to Development, Finance and Operation teams;
  • Recruit experience and senior talent to support global business development expansion in current and future markets.
  • University education, with a business-related major (Bachelor' s Degree Preferred);
  • Proven track record working in B2C digital online marketing/e-commerce in Asia and particularly South East Asia;
  • Proven track record working with B2C consumer brands/products/programs and online marketing/ecommerce for SEA geared towards consumers;
  • Managing and gathering requirements for improved design of website, cashier, shopping carts, aesthetics, enhanced user experience, localized content and branding in Asian and SEA markets;
  • Very strong and specific knowledge of (and contacts with) the best digital online suppliers that service Asia facing B2C operators and enterprises;
  • Sound grasp of all key e-commerce fundamentals (and how they all work together)...
  • Experience developing mutually successful supplier partnerships for digital online B2C enterprises, preferably in progressive, best-practices environments;
  • Extensive understanding of consumer behavior and usage of traditional and non-traditional ecommerce solutions in Asia and SEA region;
  • Strong understanding of Fraud, Risk Management and Profitability models as well as key ecommerce fundamentals from user experience to payment solutions and everything in between;
  • Familiar with basic fundamentals of cryptocurrency, exchanges and trading platforms, as well as relevant market penetration, adoption and usage within key regions.
Language Requirements
  • Fully fluent in Mandarin and at least one other language spoken in any of the key markets in South East Asia.
  • Ability to think quickly in fast paced environment, and using logic with information available at hand to make well informed decisions;
  • Turn out of the box ideas into actionable plans to produce results in a challenging environment;
  • Exceptional negotiation abilities with a firm understanding of products and market rates;
  • Stable, determined, flexible and professional with good verbal and written communication skills;
  • Appetite for risk, high integrity, result driven;
  • Ability to work autonomously with flexibility to travel as needed;
  • Understands vast diversity of cultural differences in SEA and can adapt to corporate culture.
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