Macau Hotel Recruitment : Front Desk Manager / Office Contactor / Customer Relations Assistant / Receptionist / Human Resources Administrative Assistant

Front Desk Manager
  • Responsible for front desk and hotel property operations to ensure it operate smoothly;
  • Prepare and execute daily routine reports and checklists;
  • Assist in handling and recording sudden or urgent hotel events and notify the appropriate units;
  • Handling and following up customer's opinions and requests.
Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor degree of above;
  • 3 years of relevant work experience, with supervision and management experience;
  • Be careful, responsible and focus on team spirit;
  • Good crisis management and adaptability;
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Fluent in Cantonese speaking, English CET - 6 or above, fluent in both listening and speaking;
  • Shift work is required
Office Contactor
  • Assist the department in recording the meeting;
  • Responsible for the message transfer and coordination to ensure the smoothness of the department operation;
  • Follow up reports to related staff to ensure department operation smoothness;
  • Assist in departmental clerical works and documents archiving;
  • Able to operate MS Office software such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint to calculate and writing reports.
Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor Degree or above education level;
  • Excellent communication skill, has earnest working attitude, a positive image and willing to learning.
Customer Relations Assistant/Receptionist
  • Assist the customers to check in/out;
  • Counting and checking daily counter cash transactions, to make sure it’s accuracy and trading;
  • Assist in the daily operation of front desk and the rooms’ status related issues, report to the director when encountered any emergency;
  • Provide facilities’ instructions and Macau tourist guide to customers;
  • Collect and report customer’s requirements to the duty supervisor.
Job Requirements:
  • Education level of high-school graduated or above (Bachelor Degree is preferred;
  • Has a good image and proactive personality;
  • Excellent communication skills.
Human Resources Administrative Assistant
  • Deal with the tasks assigned by the supervisor
  • Assist with the communication between various departments
  • Handling departmental administration and clerical work
  • Basic understanding to human resources department operation
  • Inquiries and reply to departmental e-mail
  • Answering calls and deliver message
  • Prepare required documents in time
Job Requirement:
  • Excellent and professional English language and written communication skills
  • Confidentiality to company information
  • Be harmony with colleagues
  • Follow department and company guidelines and policies
  • Maintain a neat, professional look
  • Good organizational skills
  • Candidates with relevant experience is preferred
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