Company Recruitment : Hong Kong-style milk tea Bartender、Accounting Clerk、Graphic Designer、Warehouse Clerk

Hong Kong-style milk tea Bartender
  • Has coffee/milk tea related training experience;
  • Mainly responsible for product R&D, and Hong Kong-style milk tea training;
  • Enthusiastic about work, optimistic, and has good communication skill;
  • Fluent in speaking of Cantonese, be able to communicate in English, with basic English reading & writing abilities.
Accounting Clerk
  • Excellent Cantonese and English abilities, fluent in speaking of English;
  • With minimum 2 years of working experience in accounting or financial related works;
  • Has earnest working attitude, patience and well-organized.
Graphic Designer
  • Familiar with design software such as Photoshop & CorelDRAW, and be able to complete tasks independently; (Design of leaflets, advertisements, posters/ photo shooting and post-processing/website update/wechat official account management, etc.)
  • Have passion in design, rich imagination and creativity;
  • Candidate with relevant experience is preferred, fresh-graduated student who passionate in design is also welcomed;
  • Have basic understanding of English;
  • Need to provide your own design works.
Warehouse Clerk
  • Has warehouse management or supermarket warehouse related experience, and familiar with warehouse incoming/outgoing process;
  • Familiar with computer operation, be able to handle basic clerical works;
  • Has a good character, diligent, and hard working.
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