Jewelry Company : Business Executive / Salesman / Part-time Salesman / Administration & Marketing Specialist

Business Executive
  • According to the company's management tasks, completed the arrangements for specific work, including administrative office, external relations, internal coordination, customer management, etc.
  • Responsible for arranging customer reception registration, data statistics, project display and exhibition plan implementation;
  • Responsible for planning publicity, implementation and summary, and make suggestions for improvement;
  • Responsible for the collection an collation of marketing information.
Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor or above degree of associate major, such as marketing, business administration, etc.
  • Relevant jewelry knowledge, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, with a comprehensive analysis, market development, relationship maintenance;
  • Excellent writing skills, familiar with OFFICE / WPS and other office software, familiar with the China mainland social networking platform, such as WeChat, mall, Weibo management;
  • Fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and English.
Salesman/ Part-time Salesman
  • Focus on customers and teamwork
  • Interested in the jewelry industry, willing to develop it this industry
  • Have good relationships and communication skills
  • Good command of Chinese and English
Administration & Marketing Specialist
  • Assist in company's clerical work;
  • Responsible for customers' receiving, consulting, implement the service standards of company and maintain good courtesy;
  • Accept and assist in daily business and work assigned by the supervisor;
  • Be proactive, enthusiasm, efficient, and courtesy to show the company's good image.
Job Requirements:
  • Interest in the jewelry industry, and willing to learn new things;
  • Familiar in the operation of various office software;
  • Excellent in Chinese and English writing and communication skills;
  • Positive and optimistic, meticulous and responsible;
  • Fresh graduate students are welcome.
* The above positions require Macau residents aged 18 or above
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