One-stop Hair Flagship Store : Hair Stylist / Technician / Hair Assistant / Senior Dyeing Technician / Beautician / Beautician Assistant / Scalp Analyst / Scalp Therapist / Scalp Care Attendant / Manicurist / Makeup Artist / Manager / Front Desk Attendant / Sales / Customer Service Assistants / Marketing

Macau's first one-stop hair flagship store, covering hair-styling, make-up, imaging, beauty, nail and other elements,
All kind of jobs recruiting:
Hair Department: Senior Hair Stylist, Hair Stylist, Technician, Hair Assistant, Senior Dyeing Technician
Beauty department: Senior Beautician, Beautician, Beauty Assistant
Scalp Care Department: Scalp Analyst, Scalp Therapist, Scalp Care Attendant
Nail Department: Senior Manicurist, Manicurist
Makeup Department: Makeup Artist
Management Department: Manager, Front Desk Attendant, Sales, Customer Service Assistants, Marketing
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