Logistic Company : Accountant Director / Logistics Director / Shop Manager / Shop Keeper / Logistics Warehouse Clerk

Accountant Director
  • Accounting specialist or above
  • LCCI advanced certificate
  • 5 years or above overall accounting experience(Group A – Chinese accounting)
  • To arrange and lead the operation of the accounting department
Logistics Director
  • High school graduation and relevant work experience are preferred
  • Responsible, attentive and have team spirit
  • 2 years or above logistics and warehousing experience is preferred
Shop Manager
  • 2 years or above wine selling and luxury extravagant experience with relevant certificates are preferred;
  • Can independently manage the daily operation of the store;
  • Lead the team to achieve sales goals;
  • Responsible, good management and communication skills
Shop Keeper
  • High school graduation and relevant work experience are preferred
  • Responsible and proactive
Logistics Warehouse Clerk
  • Responsible for inventory control, including receiving and dispatching goods, packing goods and conducting inventory
  • Warehouse documents processing and data records
  • Have a sense of responsibility, careful work, team spirit, willing to learn
  • Understand English and general computer operation
  • Warehouse or logistics work experience is preferred
If you're interested in this job, you are welcome to fill out the following job application form and send it to info@rcg-macau.com,We will contact you as soon as possible and provide you with suitable job opportunities