Company Recruitment : Front Desk Cerk / Driver / Office Cleaner

Front Desk Clerk
  • Responsible of answering and transferring calls and consulting, record and deliver message to related units.
  • Receiving visitors, provide consultation and introduction. Implement the company's service specifications and maintain good courtesy;
  • Dealing with customers’ complaint, record and deliver to customer service department, and regularly summarize to the supervisor;
  • Responsible for the cleanliness of front desk and reception room;
  • Accept tasks assigned by the supervisor;
  • Be proactive, enthusiastic, courteous and maintain the company's image when receiving customers;
  • Good command at both Chinese and English
  • In charge for daily car demand from the supervisors, overtime working is required during holiday when needed;
  • Serve as the drive of the supervisor and coordinate with their time, complete tasks assigned by the supervisor;
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the car, in charge for regular maintenance;
  • Familiar with vehicle performance and road conditions of Macau, relevant experience as senior executive driver is preferred;
  • Have professional etiquette as a driver;
  • Handle tasks and other general affairs assigned by the supervisor
Office Cleaner
  • Responsible for cleaning the office area;
  • Responsible for resource recycle and waste disposal;
  • Responsible for the daily cleaning and maintenance of the office;
  • Cleaning process planning;
  • Perform other cleaning related tasks.
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