International Medical Group : Front Desk / Beauty Consultant / Beautician / Weight Loss Specialist

1. Front Desk
  • Receiving customers, answering calls, making appointments, billing, etc.
  • 1 year or above receiving or clerical related experience.
  • Speaking of Cantonese and Mandarin are required.
2. Beauty Consultant
  • Receiving customers, brand promoting, introduce and sales products to customers. Provide professional skin care advice.
  • 2 years or above experience in beauty and skin care products sales, familiar with the operation instruments.
  • Speaking of Cantonese and Mandarin are required.
3. Beautician
  • Responsible to provide beauty and skin care service to customers, introduce and sales products, provide professional beauty and skin care advice;
  • 1 year of beauty and skin care product sales experience are required, familiar with instrument operation;
  • Speaking of Cantonese and Mandarin are required
4. Weight Loss Specialist
  • Majors in Nutrition related discipline
  • 1 year or above experience in slimming or nutrition practitioners. Understanding a variety of weight-loss products and methods.
  • Familiar with nutrition and health knowledge, have a wealth of practical experience in recuperating the diet of sub-healthy people. Provide diet advice to sub-healthy people.
  • Assist the customer to manage their weight, gain/lose weight, body shape maintain, cardiovascular improvement, etc. 
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