Korean Restaurant Recruitment : Manager / Cleck

1. Manager

Job responsibilities:
- Manage daily operation of restaurants
- Arrange and deploy staff
- Manage orders and deposits
- Lead the team to provide customers with excellent service experience

Work requirements:
- More than one year management experience in the catering industry
- Sunshine, sensation, and a certain understanding of Korean food culture
- Responsible, honest, careful and careful
- Fluent in English and Cantonese, better Korean
- Good customer service attitude, interpersonal and communication skills, teamwork
2.  Clerk

Job responsibilities:
- Completion of various tasks assigned by the Director of Catering, F&B Manager
- Formulate various reports, forms, and classify and archive various reports
- Understand the basic program and operation of catering work
- Complete all kinds of civilian work

Work requirements:
- Ability to operate various office equipment and computer applications
- Ability to draft documents, reports, reports
- Responsible, honest, careful and careful
- Good Chinese, English and Korean listening, speaking and writing skills,
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