Well-known Entertainment Group: Market Development Department - Customer Service Director

  • Handling customers and agents’ inquiries
  • Keep  in touch with customers and agents, and maintain good cooperation relationship.
  • Maintain long-term  cooperation relationship with customers and agents.
  • Assist and handle customers and agents' order requirements
  • Dealing with various needs of guests and agents, so they can feel at ease.
  • Planning and purchase birthday gifts for guests and agents.
  • Assist in sponsoring or organizing events, responsible for notifying and inviting guests and representatives to attend.
  • Handling complaints until the guests and agents are satisfied.
  • Ensure the departmental systems and reports to be accurate and updated.
  • Assign and supervise tasks or work designated to employees.
  • Assist and share the manager’s strategic planning, monitoring, execution, and management.
  • Monitor, manage and operate the daily work status of staffs, and regularly reflect opinions to the manager to make improvements.
  • Participate in every regular meeting and report complaints from all customers and agents to make recommendations to improve service quality.
  • Handling tasks assigned by the supervisor.
Job Requirements:
  • Demonstrate professional competence and establish good relationships with various departments and partners.
  • With confident, independent and self-motivated
  • Excellent professional language and writing skills, proficient in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.
  • Able to operate and apply Microsoft programs.
  • Willing to shift work
  • Confidentiality of company information and data
  • Excellent customer service, organizational and communication skills.
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