Enterprise Recruitment: General Manager

  1. Understand product development process, sales channels and related services.
  2. Lead the team to build and enrich overall competitive strategy of the company.
  3. Keen marketing sense, strong professional competence, and team cohesion.
  4. Focus on industry trends, development, planning, and adjusting product strategy.
  5. Familiar with management of products life cycle.
  6. Enhance the company identity and brand awareness.
Job Requirements:
  1. 5 years of  experience in medium and large-sized retail and brand marketing industries management.
  2. Strong sense of responsibility and dedication.
  3. Courage to withstand pressures and accept challenges.
  4. Outstanding communication and professional skills.
  5. Fluent in both English and Chinese.
If you're interested in this job, you are welcome to fill out the following job application form and send it to info@rcg-macau.com,We will contact you as soon as possible and provide you with suitable job opportunities